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lsaac · 2018-06-01 · Original thread
You might enjoy "Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future"[0]

[0] -

gsmethells · 2017-06-26 · Original thread
I'm reading his autobiography right now. Fascinating life of both the man and his companies if you are interested:
dmix · 2016-04-09 · Original thread
Oh interesting. First time hearing about this book.

Amazon link for anyone interested:

Red_Tarsius · 2015-05-12 · Original thread
The Internet mob has only one rule: "Guilty until proven innocent".

I suspect that the turmoil has been caused by the upcoming book and its dubious marketing strategy:

As you can see from a recent thread, It's easy to fall into the clichè of drama and hubris Some users even imply he may be a sociopath.

We are not quite able to cope with the success of other people. We MUST find some kind of weakness, or tradeoff: this is why media love troubled geniuses. "Sure, Einstein was a great physicist, but did you know that [insert meaningless gossip]". It gives us the illusion of being morally superior, because of the false dichotomy between love/affection/community and money/mastery/fame.

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