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WalterBright · 2023-09-17 · Original thread
The bison were deliberately shot in order to force the Comanche onto reservations.

"Empire of the Summer Moon"

WalterBright · 2023-08-17 · Original thread
"Empire of the Summer Moon"

This would make an epic miniseries!

WalterBright · 2023-06-09 · Original thread
> Diamond absolves Europeans of blame for the crimes of imperialism through his geographical determinism, since the conquerors couldn’t help but seize the helpless Americas.

Running through the article is the notion that somehow Europeans were uniquely interested in brutal empire building. I can only infer that such notions stem from never having read history books about other cultures.

For example, "Empire of the Summer Moon", by Gwynne

WalterBright · 2023-05-15 · Original thread
The purpose was to force them onto the reservation, not exterminate them.

See "Empire of the Summer Moon".

An excellent read for anyone curious about the history of this.

gricardo99 · 2020-12-19 · Original thread
I highly recommend "Empire of the Summer Moon"[1], a fascinating account of the final decades of the Comanche tribe.

1 -

aaron-lebo · 2017-10-01 · Original thread
It might be inaccurate, too.

I got a little too interested in the Comanche over the summer, which the article notes is actually a Ute word basically meaning "enemy". The Utes called them enemy because the Comanche prior to European contact lived in the Rockies much farther north. It was only the horse which allowed them to move out onto the plains. He's got them located in the plains of Texas, which again, they weren't at until probably after 1700 and when they were they completely dominated a region way bigger than that.


The Comanche emerged as a distinct group shortly before 1700, when they broke off from the Shoshone people[15] living along the upper Platte River in Wyoming. In 1680, the Comanche acquired horses from the Pueblo Indians after the Pueblo Revolt.[16] They separated from the Shoshone after this, as the horses allowed them greater mobility in their search for better hunting grounds.

I'm not sure exactly what he's representing. It can't be a single moment in time.

Sharlin · 2013-10-13 · Original thread
I'm also reminded of the dynamic between the Native Americans and the European colonist-settlers, in particular Scott's review [1] of the book Empire of the Summer Moon [2].

    And throughout the book's description of these events, 
    there was one constant:

    All of the white people who joined Indian tribes loved it
    and refused to go back to  white civilization. All the 
    Indians who joined white civilization hated it and did 
    everything they could to go back to their previous tribal 


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