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100k · 2018-04-06 · Original thread
The author of this article wrote a very interesting book about the connection between language and empire, "Empires of the Word".

It is really interesting to read about how languages outlast their cultures. Latin comes to mind of course, but as the book discusses this was also the case with Sumerian and others.

100k · 2012-02-04 · Original thread
It used to be worse. Ancient Greek had tonal accents, instead of just stresses as now.

I learned this reading "Empires of the Word", a book recommended in the HN 2011 best books thread.

davidw · 2011-12-27 · Original thread
Let's see... in no particular order:

* Thinking, Fast and Slow: - probably makes my list because I just finished it, and as he says "what you see is all there is" - we're biased towards things that come to mind easily. Actually, it is a pretty good book even looking through all the others I've read.

* 1491: - about the Americas prior to the arrival of "Cristoforo Colombo".

* Built to sell: - how to create a business that is something that you can sell because it can exist without you. Not quite so relevant to startups working on a product, but some good concepts nonetheless. A good summary is probably just as good as reading the book, as the core concepts are fairly simple.

* Empires of the Word: A Language History of the World: the history of the world as seen through languages.

* The Long Divergence: How Islamic Law Held Back the Middle East: - a look at how the legal systems of 'the west' and the middle east differed and the results those systems led to.

And of course, if you haven't read this one, I think it's a great read:

Start Small, Stay Small: - a great guide full of practical advice on "startups for the rest of us".

What I haven't read:

Lean Startups by Eric Ries. Does it contain much practical advice? I get the impression it's a bit on the 'strategic' side without giving you concrete ideas about how to go about doing things.

The Steve Jobs biography. It looks to be so pervasive and widespread that I'm wondering if I can absorb most of the good parts from other people who have read it. I may get it anyway; we'll see.

FWIW, all links contain a referral code to help fuel my reading habit.

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