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jbrun · 2022-06-21 · Original thread
Population implosion is going to be the biggest problem of our lives. It is one of those issues that creeps up progressively (like Global Warming), but will have cataclysmic impacts. Sex is a precursor to relationships and kids, if people don't have sex...

Imagine 80% of the population is elderly and retired (or want to be retired) - that is where the world is heading by the end of the century.

From 2018:

From 2022:

Empty Planet:

jakozaur · 2019-05-28 · Original thread
There are some credible estimates that population on Earth will peak at 8.5-9 Bln. (2050-2070).


Historically mid UN projections never turn out to be true. They were either low variant or below that.

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