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There are also amusing choose your adventure type books where your goal is not thrilling action, but romance. For example, "Night of a Thousand Boyfriends" [1] from the "Date with Destiny Adventure" series.

Sometimes romance and adventure are combined, such as in "Escape from Fire Island!" [2], also from the "Date with Destiny" series.

Maybe not the best for young readers, though, as it is not aimed at younger readers:

    It was supposed to be a nice, relaxing
    weekend—with a little swimming, a lot of
    cocktails, and more hot bods than a year’s
    subscription to Men’s Health magazine. But when a
    vat of radioactive waste washes onto the beach,
    strange things start happening—and now an army of
    zombie drag queens is storming the coast! Can you
    save Fire Island before it’s too late? Or will you
    perish at the hands of a thousand shrieking divas?
    It all depends on the choices YOU make.

    If you run toward the nearest ferry terminal, turn
    to page 44. If you flirt with the cute twink, turn
    to page 55. If you throw caution to the wind and
    join the nearest circuit party, turn to page 80.
There are adventure/romance choose your path type books that are aimed at kids, though. I've got a couple from the '80s that combined a typical fairy tale type fantasy quest (slay the dragon, defeat the evil wizard, yadda yadda) and a search for a suitable boyfriend for your character who was typically a princess.



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