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teh_klev · 2016-10-25 · Original thread
I still go back and dip into Essential COM now and again. I bought my copy because I was involved with a project to build a COM/CORBA bridge and needed to get my head around COM's infrastructure. Also back in the day I used to write a lot of code that ran under Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) and COM+.

Another interesting book by Mr Box and co-authored by Chris Sells, purely from a historical perspective now as it's fairly ancient, is Essential .NET Vol. 1[0]. Sadly they never got around to writing a second volume.

As a humourous aside, who remembers Don's lecture he did from a bath tub?:


dnunes · 2010-08-06 · Original thread
Definitely Don Box's Essential .NET ( For the concurrency aspect I recommend Joe Duffy's Concurrent Programming on Windows (

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