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tmsh · 2019-01-05 · Original thread
- org mode (including org-publish, org-babel and integration with clojure); use this to generate static html and publish to s3; use this to generate literate programming of your AWS environment:

- with CIDER (in emacs) all set in a literate org file for setup (but still customization). So it's easy to ramp up new websites and web services.

- for advanced compute, deploy clojure to lambda or ec2. for simple compute, deploy node to lambda.

- for authentication and other boilerplate web services, use the aws services that exist. to deploy, again use literate org files (org-babel) and upload your jars where needed.

- you have to invent as you go along (for inspiration i like - just started reading it last night, new book coming out soon), but it's more fun and efficient that way.

The most efficient stack is probably [you] <-> [20% elisp] <-> [60% clojure/cljs] <-> [20% html and js]. A good set of learnings for understanding how to get started with AWS services (without the clojure/cljs/elisp part) can be found in:

As a caveat, this is what I'm exploring currently. This is what I'd love to work on (now unfortunately I gotta go back and do my normal day job stuff that I didn't finish last week, and then some husbandly errands and things). But if I had time, I would continue to grow in this area. You can briefly read about my journey to emacs in the past several months under Emacs here: (c'est la z's tutorials + evil mode + clojure/conj presentations are really useful). I haven't found any of the cloudformation or serverless frameworks easy to use (but maybe that's just me - kinda slow to start). But I'm optimistic about org mode + amazonica.

But don't take my word for it! Probably the most senior engineer in the entire world uses org-mode ( And the guy who wrote HN originally was a fan of repl-based development as a strategic advantage ( If you don't like parentheses, you haven't been staring at the screen long enough so that they fade away (or use

You have to learn the underlying target languages (JS, HTML, CSS, Xcode+Swift, Android Studio+Kotlin/Java; i.e., develop in emacs, press run in Xcode/AS) through various paths. And then you learn to program the programming of them with org mode/org-babel and to iterate faster with clojure and cljs. That's the growing theory.

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