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rbcgerard · 2014-04-29 · Original thread
Found this fairly annoying - only because I went through this exercise recently, and now all the research i did has been made redundant.

I bought this book to help me out:

It's a great book, though it didn't include exactly what i was looking for regarding this subject. I emailed one of the authors and he kindly pointed me in the direction of Sperner's Lemma:

and I was able to find:

Which is the same sort of calculator...

Anyway same end result...though i highly recommend the book above if anyone is interested in the subject.

hendler · 2009-02-02 · Original thread
Fair division, the win-win solution, etc, also have some roots in the Nash equilibrium (a beautiful mind). Also known as adjusted winner:

Fair division is really an algorithm based in game theory on fair distribution. There's actually a bit of software based on it... a couple examples:

and a patent:

I first read about it because of conflict resolution:

There's also some interesting analogies in OS, multi agent systems, and Database conflict resolution. But that's probably for another thread.

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