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jnbiche · 2016-05-12 · Original thread
Obviously, not all academics write like this. Not by far. It's the hallmark of various followers of postmodernists like Derrida and Lacan. Particularly favored by far-left academics in departments of gender studies, multicultural studies, women's studies, etc.

Multiculturalism is a wonderful thing, but not the brand that these frauds sell.

You can read a pretty devastating critique of these pseudo-scholars in the book Fashionable Nonsense, which describes how two physicists made up a completely bullshit paper, full of utter nonsense, had it accepted for publication in one of the leading postmodernist journals of the time, and confronted a fierce but intellectually empty counterattack by postmodernism's supporters(this was in the 90s) [1].


jseliger · 2013-09-15 · Original thread
The disagreement is not between literary theorists and sciencey types

Sometimes it is! (

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