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pud · 2016-01-23 · Original thread
Founder of Fuckedcompany here.


I wrote a book, too:

germanier · 2015-09-26 · Original thread
There also has been a book:
smacktoward · 2015-01-07 · Original thread
>> Snapchat is where we can really be ourselves while being attached to our social identity. Without the constant social pressure of a follower count or Facebook friends, I am not constantly having these random people shoved in front of me. Instead, Snapchat is a somewhat intimate network of friends who I don't care if they see me at a party having fun.

> I use snapchat to send funny images of myself to my girlfriend

This exchange reminds me of a page from Phil Kaplan's excellent book of failures from the first dot-com boom (

The first paragraph was a long, flowery quote from the "about us" page of a failed wine delivery service that went on and on about how they delivered only the finest wines hand-wrapped in crisp white napkins by elite French sommeliers, etc.

The second paragraph, his commentary, was: "I chug wine."

smacktoward · 2012-08-10 · Original thread
Pud did turn the best/worst of FuckedCompany into a book ( after the site ended, at least. It's a useful artifact of the era.
dangrossman · 2012-07-17 · Original thread
Sure, here's the list:

Used copies start at a penny.

smacktoward · 2012-05-25 · Original thread
Pud eventually rolled the best of into a book:

(Yes, it's on Kindle)

Maro · 2012-01-07 · Original thread
The link takes you to a mobile version of Amazon.

Here's a regular link:

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