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carapace · 2020-04-02 · Original thread
I can recommend also "Feedback Control for Computer Systems, Introducing Control Theory to Enterprise Programmers" by Philipp Janert
carapace · 2018-07-26 · Original thread
It's an excellent book for folks who haven't been exposed to this stuff [1] before, but it could be called "Cybernetics for Dummies" (I don't mean that in a bad way!)

I can recommend "Feedback Control for Computer Systems" by Philipp Janert [2], but the real underlying treasure is understanding Cybernetics. For that, try "Introduction to Cybernetics" by W. Ross Ashby [3].



[3] PDF available from

liyanage · 2015-05-23 · Original thread
I started reading the O'Reilly book "Feedback Control for Computer Systems" by Philipp K. Janert about applying feedback control to software systems, and I liked what I read so far a lot:

PID is in there, along with lots of other techniques.

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