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moioci · 2019-07-23 · Original thread
I strongly recommend his memoir, "Flight"
aqme28 · 2016-12-08 · Original thread
I think the best is "Flight" -- the memoir of NASA's first director of mission control

rogerbinns · 2012-06-25 · Original thread
I can recommend some books about the era that are very good reading. written by Eugene Cernan (the last man on the moon) written by and about mission control about Armstrong but representative of many astronauts (and the only book Armstrong cooperated with) about the US and Soviet perspectives written as a collaboration between an astronaut and cosmonaut

Current era: This one is also a good read which roughly summarises our current knowledge about having people live for over a year in space (how long it would take to get to Mars). (Spoiler: not much)

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