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awinder · 2018-07-29 · Original thread
this is fantastic, thank you for the great writing & information! I was curious, is there a reason you go for KA over caputo? I migrated from KA -> Caputo after getting into the recipes from, I perceived a positive difference, but it was anything but a blind experiment :D.
awinder · 2018-07-02 · Original thread
I use the recipe from this book + the levain instructions —

Highly recommend though I believe the author is located in the Pacific Northwest, and one thing I have found is nearly all recipes should have their hydration ratios adjusted to your local climate. Local humidity / seasons tend to have impacts on dough.

awinder · 2018-05-06 · Original thread
One of the better techniques I’ve picked up (pretty sure I got it from replaces the kneeding steps with folds during the first 2-3 hours of bulk fermentation. Basically after mixing in starter transfer to large fermentation vessel, reach under the dough from 4 corners one at a time, grab and pull over the top of the dough to opposite corner. Wait an hour and repeat, wait 2 hours and repeat, then let fermentation do it’s thing.

This saves a lot of effort, mess, and prevents dough from becoming overworked. Effort that can later be expended in dough shaping steps ;-).

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