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sillystuff · 2024-06-05 · Original thread
> It seems to me the the NYTimes is trying to be somewhat objective

"Somewhat" is doing some heavy lifting here. The NY Times internal pro-Israeli editorial guidelines were leaked. NY Times is a pro-Israel biased source:

CNN even sends all stories to Israel to be approved/disapproved and/or edited to ensure pro-Israel bias, so I guess NY Times is at least better than CNN:

It is pretty disgusting. All major US corporate media is biased in favor of Israel:

Israel also has put fear of god into US government officials through their lobby group, AIPAC (the only foreign lobby group of its kind that is not required by the U.S. to register as a foreign agent). While no fan of former president Reagan, he called the Israeli attacks on Lebanon a "holocaust" and stopped Israeli atrocities against Lebanon by threatening cutting off US aide. Now all our representatives line up behind Israel in their perpetration of genocide-- especial Biden.

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