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philip1209 · 2013-06-23 · Original thread
I finished Violent Python a couple days ago and was amused by the possibilities presented in the book, but it in general teaches execution instead of theory.

Looking to dig deeper into protocols described in the book, I just started reading Foundations of Python Network Programming and it seems to be providing that a more theoretical understanding of networking protocols that are so central to many modern hacks:

poof131 · 2012-11-30 · Original thread
I guess the question is what do you mean by advanced topics? What direction do you want to go in? The latter book you mentioned seems to cover a number of topics and is probably a good bet.

If you are interested in the web, both these books were good:

Here are a few books that cover some "advanced?" topics that I'd like to read when I have time (would also like to hear other peoples' recommendations on them):

I'm not sure on your background or the quality of these books, but an understanding of data structures, algorithms, and object oriented programming could be considered important:

Although these and other intermediate to advanced topics tend to be covered better in non-language-specific books such as this shotgun blast to the head. Don't worry, it's just an "introduction":

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