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rdslw · 2016-07-26 · Original thread
This question is much more interesting when you realize that modern neuroscience is (slowly) going more and more into area that there is no free will in humans.

What is a reason to live if they are not your decisions driving it? Skipping over all (judical etc) consequences, if this is true, then life has no sense and it's more/less ok to end it - what's funny, suicide would also not be your (as in free will) decision... Meaning this is a time bomb programmed into any thinking brain (and any AI as, what's double funny, this logic also applies to any AI).

Dodge that homo sapiens :)

staunch · 2015-04-11 · Original thread
If you haven't already read them, Sam Harris' Free Will and Moral Landscape are totally worth reading.

paraschopra · 2012-07-22 · Original thread
We respond to external stimuli in a unique way, true. I'm not saying free will does not exist, but YOU as an agent do not have that will. It's actually a combination of genes + historical feedback loop between environment and you. When you are asked to pick between a color (red or green), on what basis do you pick that color?

The recent book on Free Will by Sam Harris: is relevant here.

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