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cpdean · 2016-01-19 · Original thread
If you want to learn foundational FP topics but don't have the time to commit to learning a whole new ecosystem, I really recommend Fogus's Functional Javascript:

I know that JS isn't the same thing as Clojure but the ideas in this book work with really any language. After reading this book I'm a better Python programmer.

straws · 2013-11-24 · Original thread
Everyone using jQuery is benefitting from functional programming. Querying, traversing, and filtering are based on `each` and `map`. It turns what was formerly looping and saving values as temporary/instance variables into declarative, collection-based compositions of functions.

Beyond that, Michael Fogus — big in the Clojure + Clojurescript community — has Functional Javascript which explores functional concepts using Underscore:

Marijn Haverbeke — a big Lisp hacker and the creator of Codemirror — has a nice chapter in (the free!) Eloquent Javascript as well:

You should also check out how Javascript supports functional programming in languages that compile to Javascript such as LiveScript or Elm.

pgambling · 2013-06-27 · Original thread
I highly recommend "Functional JavaScript" by Michael Fogus (creator of Lemonad),

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