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ex3xu · 2019-08-31 · Original thread
I actually read a book on Functional Programming in Scala [0] as my introduction to FP, so I had a little understanding of concepts in functional programming already, but in terms of just Haskell my recommendation would be that Get Programming with Haskell book by Will Kurt that I mentioned, which is targeted at beginners. Someone else added the Learn You a Haskell Book for Great Good! book online which is a good free online source as well, but since the original version was written in 2011, it might be a few versions behind on the GHC compiler compared to the Kurt book which was released in 2019.

After going through an introductory resource to learn syntax and concepts, other good beginner resources I have used are the Functional Programming Discord [1], the free Data61 course that Brian McKenna goes over [2], and the Tsoding series on YouTube [3]. The Practical Haskell book I mentioned is good too, but I found it a bit higher level than these other resources.





SatvikBeri · 2017-03-27 · Original thread
I found Functional Programming in Scala to be the best source:
runT1ME · 2016-06-13 · Original thread
Have you read Functional Programming in Scala?

efuquen · 2015-03-06 · Original thread
Functional Programming in Scala would be my suggestion:

I would consider it an updated and more practically minded version of SICP, which is of course amazing as well but not the sort of book you asked for.

runT1ME · 2014-12-08 · Original thread
Have you read the canonical Functional Programming in Scala? It goes over all of that and more in immense detail.

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