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I'm learning how to make a game engine.

I initially was following along with Handmade Hero a series that I have been going back to frequently over the past few years.

The series is great but I wanted something more guided so I am eyeing purchasing Game Coding Complete. It teaches the internals of a game engine and uses DirectX for rendering.

Because deliveries are on lock down in my country the book will have to wait.

So right now I have gone through SDL tutorials (there was a recent update to the LazyFoo SDL tutorial) and am currently finishing OpenGL.

Finally, I've been checking out repositories of open source game engines and poking around their codes. interesting ones are below:

Godot - Probably a lot of people already know about this one

Pyxel - A fantasy game engine similar to Pico8 written in Python, uses SDL

Wicked Engine - Haven't poked around much with this yet but the screenshots looks gorgeous

Finally here's the video that got me interested in game engines. I saw this years ago but saw it again recently while researching. It's a 2.5d game engine that makes great use of lighting while combining 2d sprites and 3d models.

Here's a second video that shows off a winter weather which boggled my mind when I first saw it.

Sorry for the dump, was excited to share these.

rootlocus · 2017-09-26 · Original thread
While I agree this is a wonderful resources, it is much less about game development than it is about design patterns. Basically, it's a gamedev flavored book about design patterns. A much better books about game development would be Game Coding Complete [0].


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