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da02 · 2015-06-06 · Original thread
I believe you!

Some more context: In "Computer Chronicles" memorial episode, they too did not know who set the high price.

I remember coming upon a website of someone in the industry that asked Gary Kildall, "Who set the high price?". Gary said it was him.

I don't know if the page is up. I also don't know how to find it. I'm betting it's somewhere in the Internet Archive.

Even before OSes, Gates would argue with Allen: "If we give away our programming language for free, we will have high market share!" Allen would reply, "We would also go broke." Source: Andrews and Manes' "Gates":

Grabbing market share, low prices... combined w/ Scott Oki's strategic thinking (barriers of entry, legal contracts as competitive tool, from book "Microsoft Generation", and MSFT's motto, "We set the standard", it would make sense that MSFT would do it's best to price the OS as low as possible for long-term gain.

Also, there was a Pascal-based OS, but most people forget about that one.

pjmorris · 2014-02-06 · Original thread
Three I'm familiar with, all recommended:

'Gates', Stephen Manes [1]

'Show Stopper!: The Breakneck Race to Create Windows NT and the Next Generation at Microsoft', G.P. Zachary [2]

'Microsoft in the Mirror', Karin Carter [3]

But I agree with the parent that 'Programmers At Work' is a great book.




CurtMonash · 2014-01-20 · Original thread
There was one excellent biography of Bill quite some time ago. The part I could verify personally (and there was a lot) was almost all correct, and whatever the exceptions were weren't bad enough for me to recall them now.

I don't see it on my shelf now, but I think it was The cover looks familiar, the year is about right, and I have a vague memory of the author being named "Steven".

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