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harryf · 2019-03-10 · Original thread
Two books well worth reading in this context are;

- Getting More by Stuart Diamond - . On the cover it’s about negotiation but most of what a leader does involves negotiation. Rather than try to convince you, I’ll just say Google engages Stuart Diamond to trail engineers in negotiation. There’s a talk by him here at Google that might convince -

- The other is “Corps Business” - - about how the US Marines do management. The big thing you can get some this book is expressing projects and tasks in terms of the _end goal_ instead of the steps required to get there. Make sure teams collectively understand the end goal and let them figure out how to get there is the basic message. That implies you need to put your effort in being good at story telling and presentation

dmourati · 2015-08-01 · Original thread
For negotiation, I can recommend: Getting More,

The author, Stuart Diamond, gives workshops at my company. I was able to attend one early at my tenure there and the book and workshop helped me understand how to use negotiation to get what I want.

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