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munificent · 2017-09-08 · Original thread
> I love this trend of using comics to describe technical ideas (which, as far as I can tell, started in earnest with Julia Evans).

Julia deserves a ton of credit, but I think it's also important to remember whytheluckystiff's "Poignant Guide to Ruby" [1]. Going even farther back, Forrest M Mims' electronics books [2], which I remember being sold in Radio Shacks, get much of their fame and familiarity from being hand-written.

[1]: [2]:

You should probably start by saying what you already know so we can tailor the responses. For example


Intermediate (with a heavy RF slant):


And then there are the various subcategories: low level precision analog, high power motors and switchgear, basic digital and microcontrollers, high speed processors, etc... you're asking a wide open question.

Even Manufacturing is not a simple question to answer unless given some direction. You want to make a first PC board in your bathroom, or build complex electromechanical assemblies?

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