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by spodek
"Getting To Yes"

I've given away more copies of that book than any other. Improves all relationships.

"Elements of Style" aka Strunk and White.

I'd prefer they not only read Elements of Style, but work on it.

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by BeetleB
I just gave a presentation at work about how we're ridiculously overeducated on technical skills, and ridiculously undereducated on social dynamics.

I mean, I solved more complex technical problems in my undergrad than I've ever had to in my career.

My suggestion: While you may want to master a technical skill or two, become good at what they don't teach you:

Negotiation skills:

The Coursera course from the University of Michigan is decent, if you don't want to read. But the other course (from Yale?) - I would not recommend that as a starter.

Communication Skills:


(His work is often cited in other books - especially related to negotiations).


Finally, a word of advice. Most of us here on HN have no trouble reading stuff and grasping its content. Internalizing it, though, will take work. So don't run away reading all these books. Pick one topic (e.g. negotiation), and read up on it. Take notes (I forget 80% of what I've read after a few months). And try to practice it.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Just focus on one till you feel you are good at it (perhaps for a year). Then pick another topic.

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by rthomas6
Don't have any good advice, but I recommend this book:

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by cmwelsh
Read the book "Getting to Yes", "a universal guide to the art of negotiating personal and professional disputes". It will repay itself a thousandfold as you walk into any negotiation with confidence, not just salary negotiations.

The most underused trick for salary negotiation is actually realizing that salary is negotiable - simply asking one question could increase your salary thousands of dollars.

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by crazysaem
by MattRogish
Yes, it's called "bundling".

I highly recommend everyone learn the basics of negotiation. This isn't rocket science and is one of a set of well-known techniques.

Go buy "Getting to Yes". It's a great primer to negotiation.

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by officemonkey
Twenty years ago I read "Getting to Yes" ( before I had to negotiate something I really wanted. The skills I learned in that book has helped me every subsequent job I've ever had.

Much of the periodic blogosphere churning about salary negotiation should be eliminated by just posting links to this book.

I'm shocked that the book is not required reading for EVERYONE in the job market.

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