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remarkEon · 2017-07-09 · Original thread
>It makes sense: The Chinese could easily cause nationwide trouble by shooting down US satellites used for GPS and internet.

This is basically the premise to the book Ghost Fleet, and the inefficiency of the DoD is a significant plot point.

remarkEon · 2016-10-12 · Original thread
Kill Decision is great.

Another great near-future fiction about how modern warfare might evolve is Ghost Fleet. Fast read, and highly interesting - if a bit frightening.

remarkEon · 2015-11-23 · Original thread
If anyone has read "Ghost Fleet", this seems appropriate. However, I tend to agree with usrusr about the seemingly shallow depth of the course.

noir_lord · 2015-07-31 · Original thread

Read that last week, it's a about a future war between the US and the Chinese, it's bordering on sci-fi but interesting nonetheless and a good read.

Interestingly it posits a future where the US economy is in major trouble as the reason why the US Navy has been severely downsized, they had to do that since the current US Navy vs the current PLA Navy while horrific wouldn't be remotely a fair fight.

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