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salgernon · 2017-08-22 · Original thread
Back in the 90s there was a series of books "Graphics Gems" that was a great resource in learning these tricks. Most people are further removed from drawing directly into a frame buffer today,

pjbrunet · 2014-12-14 · Original thread
Looks like typical apps we all created during the early 90s. I taught my little brother Pascal in what seemed like a few minutes (I think he was in 5th grade) and within a weekend he created a file manager that would blow this one away. My brother is very smart but my point is, coding some DOS games or a file manager is not anything remarkable, even if you only had the manual to work from. Most developers during that time period worked from a manual. We did not have StackExchange, haha. Where do you think RTFM comes from? I'm surprised this is trending. If you want to see what was typical of the early 90s, take a look at the Graphics Gems books every bookstore in the US had Graphics Gems.
AnneTheAgile · 2010-03-21 · Original thread
For easy reference, this article points to the book, Graphics Gems (Hardcover) by Andrew S. Glassner (Editor) 1990. There are no Amazon reviews for it at .

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