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>You haven't been hearing it twenty years either.

Back in the year 2000, someone created the website:

...just a few random items from DDG:

From 2000: "Retail Darwinism Puts Old Malls in Jeopardy"

"The fully enclosed shopping mall, that island of boxy chain stores and lost apostrophes in a sea of asphalt, was not born in California. But this seems to be the place where people are digging its grave, at least in its present form."

From 2001: "Dying shopping malls reborn as old-fashioned downtowns"

From 2003: "Malls: Death of an American icon"

Cory Doctorow was talking about dead malls in 2003:

From 1998: "Enclosed malls losing luster as well as tenants"

"Mintz thinks the vacancies signal a deeper problem -- that malls are outdated and out of touch with the needs of today's shoppers."

And it turns out there was a book published in 2002:

"Greyfields into Goldfields: Dead Malls become Living Neighborhoods"

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