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emanuer · 2011-05-12 · Original thread
Goldman Sachs is amazing. I follow articles about them since a few years and I must say, the ingenuity with which they act is inspiring, scary, terrifying...

Another evil master piece of them may have been the food market.

The same dynamics behind the foot price bubble may cause the current surge in gas-prices

Also the Author of the article (Taibbi) wrote a book about the bubble:

All the information I have is obviously very biased towards blaming Goldman Sachs, yet if their involvement in the extreme price hikes in foot, oil, housing markets is only half as bad as it seems, they are the single biggest source for the worlds macroeconomic problems.

This is very disturbing to me, as I see myself as a strong advocate of the free market hypothesis. I guess if Goldman's involvement turned out to be as bad as I fear, it can be explained by them finding holes in the regulation where they were the only dominant player. They were able to act (as in the foot market) with no one challenging their doings. No regulation, no competition meaning they were able to game the system as they pleased.

Somehow I hope all this information about Goldman's involvement is correct, because it would give clear directions on how to fix the macroeconomic problems the world (not just America) faces. It would clearly show how to adjust the legal system, enforcement.

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