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yummyfajitas · 2016-12-23 · Original thread
Is it? The caste system is mostly defunct. In my experience (admittedly, as an outsider who lives in mostly elite circles) there is actually a more significant caste-like system, but much like in the states there are no real words to describe it.

The best explanation I've seen of it is Chetan Bhaget's novel Half Girlfriend: It's a masala romance novel, blah, but it's the only real discussion of the issue that I've seen.

He's also written a few newspaper columns on it:

Very few people can even discuss these subtle, un-named caste systems, let alone argue against them. I can't stand Chetan Bhaget, yet I link to him anyway simply because he's really one of the very few who actually discuss it. Consider how difficult it is to even discuss Trump's victory in these terms as well.

I think that the best protection the caste system has is that we refuse to even give it a word.

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