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tomkwong · 2020-03-22 · Original thread
I'm empathetic about your experience but I have been using Julia in production (financial services use case) for over 2 years and it's absolutely working great for us - developer productivity, performance, etc. We are not stopping and writing more Julia code at the moment.

To be honest, you can incur technical debt with any language. Software must be designed and maintained properly if you need a long-lasting solution. Research projects are also different than production code. Proper training and involvement with the developer community could help a lot.

My suggestion to everyone reading this thread - if you are new to Julia programming and need to work on a production project, do talk to Julia Computing folks. Their consultants can lead you to the right track. In addition, join the Julia Slack and Discourse community. You can almost get instant answers to anything you ask there.

Lastly, here's a selfish plug to my book: Hands-on Design Patterns and Best Practices with Julia

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