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baldfat · 2018-02-16 · Original thread
My technique: I read the book till I get stuck and start back at page one till I get stuck again. I'm a little stubborn I guess.

Different Program Books Make Different Goals. My favorite are that there is a higher point to be made. My favorite books of this type have been made by Matthias Felleisen.

Little Schemer helped me to understand the though process more than learning a specific language.

How to Design Programs was super dense but it took me through the process of actually designing programs in a logical manner.

My favorite domain specific book has been: Hands-On Programming with R. It also was more about here is a logical problem and this is a way to solve it.

baldfat · 2016-07-25 · Original thread
I find this to be a great list of resources.

For the Hadleyverse or Tiddyverse this is a starter book based on dplyr and other tools.

Hands-On Programming with R

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