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I would encourage you to try meditation. It's not a cure for depression, but it can have effects that help. In the Zen tradition, Brad Warner's books have been very helpful to me.
I, too, know exactly where you're coming from with these feelings. I've recently been making incredible progress with changing my thinking to be more productive and to simply becoming more happy and satisfied while moving forward.

1. Read Hardcore Zen:

2. Read my last blog post:

3. Work on separating facts from your interpretation. All of us do this all the time. Something happens (an event of one sort or another). We make up a story about that event. We then proceed to live our lives as if our story WERE the event or the fact. The path to liberation lies through understanding that the stories was not what actually happened. We make them up! The reality is always neutral, not good or bad. Just is. And because of that we have the freedom to choose what our reality is. Of course, I'm just scratching the surface, but if you message me privately, I can point you to more resources on how you can work on this.


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