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hackcrafter · 2016-11-23 · Original thread
There is a lot of color to the context of this tweet which is very well described in Hatching Twitter [0].

Definitely would recommend, even for entertainment value, but definitely for the SV lore and understanding these references.


softdev12 · 2015-06-11 · Original thread
I highly recommend reading Hatching Twitter ( which talks about the behind the scenes CEO transitions between first Jack Dorsey, then Ev Williams, then Dick Costolo. Both Jack and Ev were said to be forced out by the board against their will (per the book) - event though the press spin was that they left voluntarily.

I'm hoping that Nick Bilton writes a follow-up with this new Costolo to Dorsey transition. I wouldn't be surprised if Jack ends up removing the interim title and stays full time.

aytekin · 2014-09-16 · Original thread
Reminds me of the book "Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal"
palidanx · 2014-04-06 · Original thread
Reading Hatching Twitter ( will give you a more historical and give a bit of context of how they evolved to where they are now.

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