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To add to this... learn enough git to setup your projects in github. Setup an organization in github as yourid-samples or yourid-learning ... that way you can keep it out of your main user repo.

I have a dokku box (there's a market setup on DigitalOcean, would go with at least a $10 box on DO). You can then setup all your projects on the dokku box as you go. `git push deploy` ... bonus if you can get integrated with Github's CI/CD pipelines.

I see a lot of example sites from those who come out of bootcamps, or on their own learning path... the extra bit is actually having running samples. It's easy enough to get a domain name and point *.domain at a dokku box.

The other extra points part will be to have tests with code coverage on your projects. Frankly, a lot of code/modules that go into production don't have this, so it's not a hard requirement, but is something that will put you ahead of competition when starting out.

If you have no knowledge at all, I'd suggest getting started with "Head First HTML And CSS"[1]. It's not the most in-depth, but a pretty good beginner book for getting started. From there I would go through the "Modern JavaScript"[3] series from O'Reilly as well as "CSS: The Definitive Guide"[3].

From there, it's a matter of what interests you. Though React, Angular or Vue would be good next steps. Followed by backend with Node.js as well as PostgreSQL (or MS SQL). From there, the sky is the limit.




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