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tortilla · 2008-06-08 · Original thread
If you're a total beginner, the Head First HTML is pretty good. I know some people don't like the style of these books, but for HTML & CSS, I think it worked well.

showerst · 2008-03-04 · Original thread
It's very much paced towards a beginner, but I know a lot of people who love the head first HTML book:

If you're more advanced or just looking for a brush up i second Dan Cederholm's book aimdave recommended.

mikesabat · 2008-02-02 · Original thread
My development and design are being outsourced. While that is taking place I am learning HTML and CSS so that I can understand certain things and tweak design.

I'm reading the Head First book on html and CSS. I didn't know anything before I started. It isn't hard to pick up.

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