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Alex3917 · 2021-05-02 · Original thread
Yeah we've known this for over 10 years, zero surprise here. There were literally popular books written saying that this would be the mechanism of action for novel coronavirus pandemics (and how to treat them) years before the current pandemic even started, e.g.:

Here is the direct quote from the book, published in 2013:

"Once receptors on these cells are compromised there is enhanced vascular permeability, increased lung edema, neutrophil accumulation, and worsened lung function. In essence, once the virus begins attaching to ACE-2, ACE-2 function begins to be destroyed. ACE-2 function also tends to be less dynamic as people grow older, hence the more negative the effects of SARS infection on the elderly. [...] ACE (in contrast with ACE-2) inhibitors increase the presence of ACE-2 and help protect the lungs from injury."

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