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oicu812 · 2019-10-23 · Original thread
The best book I've read on this topic is Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. [1]

It really got me thinking about the next 50 years now that famine, disease and war are all manageable. The next 50 years will have super human AI, billions of superfluous people and eternal life for the privileged few. [2]



oicu812 · 2017-11-15 · Original thread
Disease and famine were also good controls on population growth that are now obsolete.

"Over the past century humankind has managed to do the impossible and rein in famine, plague, and war. This may seem hard to accept, but, as Harari explains in his trademark style—thorough, yet riveting—famine, plague and war have been transformed from incomprehensible and uncontrollable forces of nature into manageable challenges. For the first time ever, more people die from eating too much than from eating too little; more people die from old age than from infectious diseases; and more people commit suicide than are killed by soldiers, terrorists and criminals put together."

madphrodite · 2017-03-19 · Original thread
In there is an interesting|amusing diversion into the history of the lawn iirc.

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