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by unicornporn
> And the part about wanting to create an "addictive experience"! About a door lock!

It actually made me LOL. Sounds like someone read and tried to apply gained knowledge to a door lock.

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by PeOe
I´ve read a book recently called "Hooked" by Nir Eyal. It´s exactly about this topic. He also gives quite a few examples of the achievements of Apple and so on. Really interesting.
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by artur_makly
by franciscop
It's not a problem per-se IMO, but Facebook is highly optimized for being addictive. They A/B test the addiction out of it!

There's a GREAT book that I am careful recommending as indeed I think it explores ideas that can be abused easily: Hooked, how to build habit-forming products ( )

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by ankit84
I will refer the techniques mentioned by _Nir Eyal_ in his book "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products". The

* Trigger

* Actions

* Rewards (variable rewards)

Ref book on Amazon:

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by cybette
"Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products" by Nir Eyal - I'm reading it myself. I think it's really useful for those doing product development/management and building user engagement.

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