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gdubs · 2019-09-26 · Original thread
First discovered Wired on the shelves of our local college. Immediately fell in love, and begged my parents for a subscription. This was during the golden age the article is talking about. Man, those covers – and that paper – were beautiful.

Their online presence was equally inspiring; those intro gifs, the bold graphics. Web Monkey was a great resource for learning to code.

Hot Wired Style [1], by Jeffery Veen, was hugely influential. To this day, technological improvements aside, it's a great example of principled web design.


gdubs · 2018-03-03 · Original thread
During this era I had a copy of Hotwired Style [1] - it was really the beginning of a new art form, and that book meant so much to me. At some point I lost it, but even though it’d be outdated today, I’d like to pick it up again.

Very first web project was putting together an online zine with a fugazi interview my friend had done. I don’t know what happened to it, but it’s possible I’ve got it on a decomposing Zip Disc somewhere.


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