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nurblieh · 2018-08-18 · Original thread
If you're looking to make dietary choices based on the results of high-quality dietary studies, my goto is "How Not to Die"[1] and the author's non-profit website at,


vegcel · 2018-05-26 · Original thread
The answer is most definitely a whole food plant-based diet.

See the book How Not to Die for more here:

sametmax · 2017-01-26 · Original thread
Some good starting point:

- The classic "Samson Wright's Applied Physiology, Thirteenth Edition". It's very broad, but a strong base is always nice :

- How not to die. A good balanced between scientific references and averge joe explanations:

- The China Study. Live study on millions of people to correlate quality of food and health instead of just quantity :

- "Constitution des organismes animaux et végétaux Causes des maladies qui les atteignent" is a fantastic complement but I don't know if it exists in english. Careful though, it has a controversial point of view on vaccines. Still worth it:

clumsysmurf · 2016-01-21 · Original thread
If you like, you may be interested to know Greger wrote a book which is well referenced:

Also, there was a recent article on Vox talking about why nutrition research is so hard to do:

Not explicitly about paleo, but with lots of anti-paleo evidence:

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