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Angostura · 2019-01-17 · Original thread
An interesting book was published by Brian Goodwin about 20 yesrs ago now - How the Leopard Changed it spots.

Some people thought of it as an attack on natural selection, but it really wasn't. It was a fascinating look at how the inherent properties of matter could lead to patterns (such as spiral arrangement of leaves or zebra stripes) without intervention from natural selection

Angostura · 2014-10-21 · Original thread
They really are, and I did my biology degree in the 80s and even it didn't really seem controversial. Yet there is a long history of people attempting to make themselves appear iconoclastic.

So look at the Amazon description of this book:

I met its author just after it was published. It's a very good book and very interesting, and makes you think about developmental biology in new ways. But even it was always an added nuance and richness to the evolutionary story, rather than the revolution claimed in the blurb.

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