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siosonel · 2018-07-27 · Original thread
This book [1] by Robert Cailliau and James Gillies is very approachable, entertaining, and somewhat comprehensive.

Edit: The book has lots of historical details about competing early technologies such as the OSI vs TCP/IP, C vs well-structured languages, Archie/WAIS/Gopher, attempts from different parts of the world such as AlohaNet in Hawaii and Minitel in France. That's just a sampler, but the story telling does not get too bogged down with too much details and moves along at a quick pace.


nkassis · 2010-08-12 · Original thread
Al gore invented the Web Site.

In all seriousness, Where the wizards stay up late ( gives a good account of the beginning of the net. For the web there is How the web was born (

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