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pogue · 2022-02-07 · Original thread
The best defense is a good offense.

1) Use a service like JoinDeleteMe to have your name removed from public searchable databases. That link will take 20% off your order.

2) Use a service like to opt-out of sites and services you personally use that DeleteMe doesn't cover.

3) Now that credit freezing is free, freeze all your credit reports. Brian Krebs has a good article on doing this:

4) Read JJ Luna's "How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life 3rd Edition" He also has a website where you can register "ghost" addresses and LLCs that you can use to register your car title too and other financial assets to so they will be protected in case of a lawsuit or anything as they will not be able to identify you.

5) Turn on 2FA for EVERYHING

6) I created a list of anti-fingerprinting/security/privacy extensions I personally use:

7) Get a VPN. I recommend - they give you 10GB free a month, but it's only $4/mo if you pay for a year and you get access to unlimited devices, so you can have a VPN on your PC, phone, and any other devices you use. They have been vetted by Torrentfreak and keep no logs and do not give information to law enforcement:

There's probably countless other things you could do, it just depends on how paranoid you are and how deep down the OpSec rabbit hole you want to go where it becomes an issue of convivence vs. constant security for everything you do.

Hope that helps.


joyj2nd · 2020-06-06 · Original thread
Well could be. Could also be some Jehovah Witness, Buglers, Gypsys, tax collectors or whatever.

Would have actually prevented the guys problem in the first place. Nobody knows where he lives...

dkersten · 2014-03-06 · Original thread
I read this book a few years ago:

In it there is a section where he asks "Why would you want privacy anyway?" and this is exactly one of those reasons. You get labelled in some way, even if its not true, and that label sticks with you forever, potentially ruining your life or putting you in danger...

maratd · 2013-08-09 · Original thread
Don't be so bleak. If you're going to do something that will get the attention of any government, here's a simple rule to follow. Don't use 3rd parties. And if you must, do it in a way that can never be traced back to you in the "real world". It isn't hard and it isn't even illegal.

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