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I really like the book "How to Break Up With Your Phone" by Catherine Price [0,1]. It has a 30-day step by step plan to restructure your habits around technology, and I've found it more effective than anything else. I especially like that it is gradual, gentle, and promotes mindfulness rather than trying to force an all-or-nothing approach ("cold turkey").

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tedmiston · 2019-02-25 · Original thread
I'm reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport right now which was the first thing that came to mind reading this article as well. For others that are curious, that book asks the question "Does the way we spend our time [particularly in the digital world] reflect our values?"

IMO Cal's approach being driven from core values and encompassing all device usage resonates on a deeper level for me than the author's. That said, I haven't read yet the book written by the coach of the article author, How to Break Up With Your Phone. Looking forward to checking that out.

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