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lkozma · 2011-01-04 · Original thread
Nice writeup, certainly helps in organizing your thoughts.

It reminded me of the Feynman method a bit though :)

1. Write down the problem.

2. Think real hard.

3. Write down the solution.

More seriously, the classic book by Gy. Polya "How to solve it" is also very useful: (non-affiliate) (affiliate)

b-man · 2009-06-24 · Original thread
May I suggest a couple of books?

How to Solve It by George Pólya's 1945


The Art of Doing Science and Engineering Learning to Learn by Richard W.Hamming

Great books, and they will introduce you to learn the mathematical thinking, so you can deduce the patterns yourself. Great for math and hack I think.

dangoldin · 2009-04-18 · Original thread
Another great book is "How to Solve It" by Polya ( as it gives a heuristic approach to solving problems.

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