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noud · 2021-08-22 · Original thread
> The best technique for notetaking is whichever one works for you and is easy to stick to.

Although this article is full on tips on how to take notes, this is the tip that stuck out the most for me. I've tried many different strategies to take notes and how to remember them. I figured out that the thing that worked best for me was actually to keep note taking as simple as possible. The more "steps" [1] I use during note taking, the more structure and rules I try to add to my notes [2], the worse everything gets. The more steps I have to take to make a note, the less likely it is that I'll make that note. The technique for notetaking that works best for me is, maybe paradoxically, also the simplest to perform: I take notes with pen and paper and review the notes now and then, nothing more, nothing less. This way of taking notes works (for me) and is easy to stick to.

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iLemming · 2021-03-05 · Original thread
> it just didn't click for me

ISBN-13: 978-1542866507 ISBN-10: 1542866502

Read that book. Or at least skim through it. I tried learning Org-Roam and started making notes while reading it. Even before I reached the end of it, I was sold on Zettelkasten. Even if I end-up using some other tool (I hope I wouldn't have to), my life will never be the same as before.

coolswan · 2020-01-18 · Original thread
How to take Smart Notes is a very good book that explains this technique well. Highly recommend.

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