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rwmj · 2018-05-05 · Original thread
I quite like William Poundstone's books. In this case these two are relevant:

Edit: These are not puzzle books specifically, but books about puzzles.

kenshiro_o · 2013-01-20 · Original thread
Terman and IQ are also mentioned in "How Would You Move Mount Fuji" ( I recommend it to anyone interested in brainteasers and how Microsoft and a lot of other companies use them during the interviewing process...

Now back to the article: it was an enjoyable read, but I believe the title is somewhat misleading. High IQ does not make you less creative. However high IQ does not imply creativity. The converse is also not true. I am a bit tired of IQ being used as some kind of objective measure of capabilities, let alone success. Is there any other test that would be more representative of one's mental abilities?

savrajsingh · 2007-09-18 · Original thread
Google is like Microsoft 20 years ago. Everybody should read "How Would You Move Mount Fuji" -- a detailed book on the topic of IQ, puzzles, and job interviews.

Microsoft has, of late, moved away from these sorts of questions because they don't really translate into job performance, from what I understand. ;)

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