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DeanWormer · 2022-01-13 · Original thread
The only sales book I really liked was How You Make the Sale by Frank McNair

A lot of sales books teach Jedi mind tricks and "tricks to close" and crap like that. This is much more practical. It walks you through a customer's buying process and shows how you can map that to your sales process. I find that making a better connection with my clients comes from putting their best interest first and being a good person. No need for psychology or tricks. Once you understand the buying process, and you understand the products/services you're selling, you're good to go.

DeanWormer · 2019-05-11 · Original thread
My favorite is How You Make The Sale by Frank McNair

I came from a technical background as well and this was the only book that really explained the process to me without a bunch of "closing tricks" or other gimmicky sales tactics.

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