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mindcrime · 2018-08-03 · Original thread
Yeah, I think you have a point. I'm not sure existing data is enough to generate ideas about all potential new products though, since behavior is shaped by what things/ideas/knowledge we have access to today. That is, what data is going to tell you that somebody wants a product that they can't even imagine yet?

So I'd think consumer behavior data / demographic data / etc. is a useful guide, but I'm not sure it's sufficient in and of itself.

All of that said, Alan Kay said something interesting in a set of lectures[1][2] he did a year or so ago. He brought up the idea of basing new product ideas on "Human Univerals", or universal aspects of human nature that really don't vary. A writer named Donald Brown wrote a book literally titled Human Univerals[3] which catalogs a number of these (a lot of them are pretty obvious though: food, shelter, sex, etc.). Kay suggested reading this book, pick one of the human univerals, and figure out a way to use technology to address that.




applecore · 2014-07-12 · Original thread
Human Universals by Donald Brown. Identifies the traits common to all humans, all societies and cultures.

queensnake · 2014-04-06 · Original thread
That 'universals' guy seems actually to be Donald Brown, and his book is 'Human Universals'.

The book is expensive, here's a list:

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