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bstar77 · 2015-12-06 · Original thread
This is particular evidence is relatively old news, the discovery was made during a History Channel special. There is currently a show running on the History Channel called Hunting Hitler that goes into much more depth on this topic and expands on the evidence (there is also a book from several years ago with the same namesake).

I agree that this information is not enough to say he escaped, but there is a plethora of other information that makes the case he escaped very compelling.

Some points the show makes: - testimony from supposed eye witnesses in the bunker has been unreliable and inconsistent - underground escape routes existed with possible tunnels (that have since been sealed) that lead directly to the templehof airport - safe houses have been identfied that housed nazis after the war in spain and the canary islands - eye witness uboat activity around argentina after the war ended - various safe houses discovered in Argentina that housed Nazis - ruins of a compound in remote Argentina that have nazi paraphernalia including medicines Hitler would have needed - locations in nearby brazil that have nazi sitings after the war

There's a ton of new evidence, I really think there's enough to take these claims seriously. The only thing that I'm not sure about is the dental records that were verified in 1945. I'm not sure how well that was handled being that Hitler's personal dentist did the verifications.

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