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wslh · 2024-02-04 · Original thread
This. The Microsoft long term business execution is amazing despite their resources involved in zillions of failed projects and acquisitions, and some horrible apps (e.g. Teams). It doesn't matter they are a success anyway. Other companies would be buried much before that. Always recommend the book Hard Drive (just in a yesterday's thread) [1]. I need to not forget to add now "Idea Man" [2] by Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder. It shows that the young Bill Gates was already a Titan.



guiambros · 2018-10-17 · Original thread
Paul himself told that story in his autobiography, "The Idea Man" [1], in colorful details. The first half of the book is full of anecdotes of those early days, the relationship with Bill Gates, and the beginnings of Microsoft. It's a great read.

Really sad he went so soon; RIP.


frik · 2015-06-06 · Original thread
Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder) writes about the Z80 SoftCard and the early Microsoft history in his book "Idea Man":

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